The fireplace mantel is one of the most iconic elements in any architectural antique shop just as it once held such a place of prominence in the household. That time has returned as people look to the warmth and security a fireplace brings to the home. A quality mantel adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of your fireplace. We source antique pieces in woods like pine, cherry, oak or walnut and occasionally stone and cast iron.

We also make mantels using our stock of antique trim and lumber for that lived in look. If you want something completely new, we can do that too. Have a look below to see what turns your crank.

Hewn Beam Mantel

Instant Mantel.

It's mantel season and nothing says "get'r'dun" like a hand hewn beam put up just before guests arrive!
We have a good number of pine, 6" x 8" hewn beams from a local house dating to the 1850s.

Various lengths starting at $125 as is.


These beams are great because they don't have much in the way of extra holes that can be a problem with other beams.

A close up to give a sense of texture.


Very Individual

In the era of consipcuous and repeated ornamentation that was "Victorian", someone bucked the trend and designed a unique piece.

Oak, c1900 Waterloo. $2400


Deco Mantel

Quater-cut oak and in excellent condition, this Guelph mantel was removed from a house 30 years ago. Earthenware jugs and bronzed baby shoes have been its charge since then.

What new life can you breath into this beauty?





Deceptively simple, this painted pine mantel from Derwent, ON dates to the 1860s but is more typical of earlier Georgian designs which emphasize strong lines and earthy form.

Dundas Mantel

we got this a couple of days ago from a mid 1880s house under renovation.

Pine. Comes with a decorative insert but not the summer plate.




London Mantel

A lovely, carved mantel from downtown London, Ontario, this piece features elements of both East Lake and Aesthetic movements. Strong form with softening details in walnut and maple. c1890.

62w x 50 1/2h opening 36 x 36


Sunburst Mantel

We have two of these bold mantels out of Detroit. Possibly poplar they are still in their original dark finish which is good enough to be doctored for re-use. The large sunburst pattern in the centre sets the tone.

77w x 57h opening 52 x 42



Arts & Crafts Mantel

From the early 20th century, this oak mantel is distinctive in form and would suit a library well.

60 x 76 opening 41 1/2 x 41 1/2


Oak Overmantel

This deceivingly simple mantel in quarter cut oak is in excellent condition except for the mirror which I know I would replace.

60 x 84 opening 41 1/2 x 39


Empire Mantel

Made of pine and dating to the 1840s, this mantel features a "chimney" above the shelf and simple, heavy elements that would suit a casual room or earlier, farm house.

65 1/4 x 60 1/2 opening 35 1/2 x 34



More Mantels

We have quite a few more mantels of various shapes and sizes so bring in your measurements, know your burning system and pick through.