A selection of recent arrivals, unearthings
and discoveries in the summer of 2019

Carved brackets - c 1890 Woodstock.


Robin's Egg Blue

Simple but great door - roughly 34" x 81 1/2"

Beautiful floorcloth from 1890 in a variety of frames we've made.

Cast iron balcony rails - Quebec, c1890.


Tin ceiling - Hamilton, c1900.


Double pocket doors - c1900 London - 74" x 96"


Individual shutters of all shapes and sizes.


Stained Glass - need I say more?


Butternut slabs - coffee tables to be.


One of many frames we pulled out of deep storage - now a mirror.


Brass door set - 1910 London.


Mill belt pully artfully reused for your entertainment.

Romanian front door - 32 1//2" x 75 3/4"

A harp - c 1850 - for all your harp needs.

Barrel padlock - central Africa.


Cast cement keystones adonrned with grapes. 1905 Aylmer.


Chased brass and copper padlock - Tuareg from NW Africa.


Wooden floor grates - recently made but nifty nonetheless.