I hid the Cheque book...

before I went away but Scott found it and bought this stuff. Can't blame him...

Chart your own hymns with this piece from a church in Benmiller, ON.


Gilligan lost this on a three hour tour...or not.

The pediment from the Benmiller Church would make a great headboard.


One of a collection of cast iron capitol elements we thought would make really good coat hooks, massive sash lifts or climbing wall grips. Roughly 8"

Big and very pretty gothic window with lacey tracery - say that three times quickly!


Cast iron rose panels from a porch in Detroit - c1915.

One pair of a large group of quater-cut, oak french doors from a c1910 home in Kitchener, ON.


Easy-Bake-Oven circa 1915!!!



Chris hates insulbrick but might make an exception for this unused collection from the 1940s.