Allure and Desire

We all have our favourite finds - that special piece that jumps out at you and won't let you forget it! Maybe the colour catches you, maybe the wear of an age. Sometimes the sheer spectacle is too much to deny. You pick it up without a plan in mind - it doesn't matter, you'll figure that out later. You just have to have it.

Here are a few items that stand out for us.


Carved Italianate

Some doors come with knee pads - this is one of them. You want to get down and inspect the workmanship, the soft, painted, patina. In spite of the "over the top" drama of this piece, you struggle to find a home for it in your house - front door, pantry, wine cellar, home office. What does it do for you? Sold.

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English Rose Tiles

These are really heavy, man - no, I mean it. Each box of tiles weighed over 110 lbs! They're worth it.

8"x8" Terrazzo floor tiles from cafes in Cairo, Egypt. Whether used on the floor, table top, back splash or individually, the pattern work is stunning. Click below to see some of the other designs


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There's a reason they call it classic! We derive comfort and assurance from stable design and this column might be said to support our soul. (Is that too over-the-top for you?) It's like twelve bar blues - so simple yet so deep! They stand roughly 5 feet and come from the Detroit area. Sold.

Monumental in scale but pure in form, these gothic stained glass windows (there are 6) would make a dramatic architrave dividing a great room from a solarium. Removed from a church in Woodstock, Ontario, these pieces date from the 1880s and measure roughly 5' x 12' ea. Have you got a spot?

We recently acquired these lovely stove tiles from Romania. Measuring about 8" x 9", they were fit together to form walls radiating heat in the corner of a room where the soft greens and art nouveau sunflowers combined to bring the garden into the home. You can have summer all year long!

Usually we like to point out the care and quality of church construction but in this case, it's something altogether different. Look at this piece and try to imaging the rest of the church! We got it some years after it had been removed so we can only guess. This lectern from southwest Ontario would make a stunning reception centre!


There are details to a house that can set it apart from all others. This ceiling medallion would be one of those. Made from plaster and measuring almost 48 x 72, it features a fruit basket of plenty surrounded by exotic birds and abundant corn. We removed this from a convent some years ago and have just recently brought it out of hiding! Alas, it has sold.

This is more of a rare find than you would think. It's very difficult to find good sets of garden furniture and this one is lovely.

Made at the Atlanta Stove Works in the last quarter of the 19th century, this heavy, cast iron set came out of the Sarnia, On area.

High tea, anyone?

This gable barge was a recent find on a house near Burlington, ON and dates from the 1870s.

The dry, crackly paint is cool but what really makes this is the folky yet stylish design. It catches your eye and won't let go.

There are other carved wood elements to be found out there but it's rare to find one of such grace, so fluid in form.

Part of a staircase in a Woodstock, ON house dating around 1900, this piece is a piece of art!

The great thing about Terra Cotta is the variety of coloured glazes (or no glazes), the overly stylized designs (or lack thereof) and the utter usefulness (or superfluity) of each piece!

This grouping comes from the corner of a building in New York and stands about 86" high.

Now, here is something we don't get very often - bronze bank doors from Philadelphia around 1915. These are glorious and would add all the panache to your wine cellar!

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We've been looking for a panel like this ever since we heard Dustin Hoffman wanted one - he got his some years ago, now it's our turn!

Paint on pine, c1900

36" x 48"