Well, we said we were going to do it and we have.


  It took longer than we expected but we have just purchased a large quantity of elaborately wrought iron panels and heavily carved door fragments from Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt!


While many of the iron pieces get reused as inserts for gates – the larger ones as gates themselves, they also make great headboards, table tops, trellises (should that be trelli?) and balcony grills. 


The carved doors have a sculptural quality; their colour and form stand out and demand to be noticed!  While we have used them to make medicine cabinets and table tops, these unique finds often end up as art above the fireplace.

 The shots below represent just a few of the pieces we have to offer.

Please note: many of these pieces have sold since this was first posted.

Arched Gate

Bird Door

Scroll Pair

Carved Face


Carved Red Door

Nouveau Panel

Carved Diamond

Sun Pattern

Simple Scroll

Arched Iron

Scroll Gate


There is always more to be seen at Artefacts – front doors, stained glass, fireplace mantels, Victorian door hardware – so come for the Egyptian lot but stay and see it all!  For more info, email Chris